The Netherlands develops new plastic coatings

Ludvig Svensson International BV of the Netherlands has developed a new type of plastic coating that is stable under UV light.
Use this coating as a plastic film or as a coating on other objects. Applied to any object can extend the service life under the direct effect of sunlight. Can be used for hotbeds, or sheds and shutters, which should be easily faded.
The new materials have the stability under UV light and they are subjected to chemical substances that are part of the hotbed environment and, in some cases, also fire-resistant properties because of the polyolefin and silicon hydride that are connected together in this material.
In addition to such plastic films or coatings, additives can also be contained in the main material, which can make the material transparent to the wavelength of the sunlight wave and does not cause sweating. Such additives are glycerin stearic acid and stearic acid esters or other substances which prevent the coating from condensing and forming water droplets.


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