2016 Top Ten Sanitary Ware Brand Ranking

Now people are shopping more and more focus on product brands, so good sanitary ware which brand it? This website and Netease Home Furnishing, Pan Home Furnishing Network, Phoenix Home Furnishing, Pacific Home Furnishing Network and other online media organized the "2014 Top Ten Building Materials Home Brand Selection" activity. Selected the list covers ten categories of building materials and home: If you are to buy which brand of sanitary ware pan hard, this 2014 article in sanitary ware brand ranking just below can help you, inside ten The big sanitary ware brands are all voted by netizens, the reputation and quality are quite good, let's take a look.

Kohler, the top ten sanitary ware brand

Kohler is one of the oldest and largest family businesses in the United States. Kohler is a global leader in kitchen and bathroom products, engine and power generation systems, furniture, home decor, hotel service industry, and first-class golf clubs.

TOTO of the top ten sanitary ware brands

Pursuing high-quality and high-technical levels and enabling users to enjoy a hygienic, healthy and comfortable life is the goal that TOTO has always pursued. To date, Toto has become a pioneer in the industry, producing and selling high-quality, high-tech sanitary equipment for civil and commercial facilities.

Nine animal husbandry of the top ten sanitary ware brands

JOMOO, a leader in high-end sanitary ware for five consecutive years, focuses on healthy kitchen and bathroom. Independent research and development and production of sanitary ceramics, intelligent kitchen and bathroom, overall bathroom, kitchen and bathroom furniture, hardware faucet, kitchen and bathroom hardware, Jiu Mu drying products and other full line products, providing health, environmental protection first-class kitchen and bathroom solutions. Relying on the high quality of the products and user trust, the brand value of 9.162 billion won the top spot in the bathroom industry of "China's 500 Most Valuable Brands". Jiumu is known for its high quality and good service, providing first-class kitchen and bathroom solutions. As a national high-tech enterprise, it has been the champion of e-commerce sales of building materials for five consecutive years. In 2014, Double Eleven broke 200 million sales.

Wrigley of the top ten sanitary ware brands

"ARROW" Wrigley bathroom is the most powerful and influential comprehensive bathroom brand in China. The company is headquartered in Foshan, Guangdong, the world-famous ceramics producing area. It is China's largest construction and sanitary ceramic manufacturing and sales enterprise. It mainly produces ARROW ceramic sanitary ware, acrylic bathtub, surfing cylinder, shower room, steam room, solid wood bathroom cabinet , PVC bathroom cabinets, all copper chrome-plated faucets, stainless steel basins and metal pendants, and other toilet products, as well as porcelain decorative glazed tiles, polished tiles, glazed interior wall tiles, cabinets and other products. In 2014, Wrigley Sanitary Ware officially announced the signing of the internationally renowned pianist Lang Lang as the spokesperson for the image at the Beijing Huabin Opera House, and put forward a new proposition for the brand to "comfortably experience the Wrigley moment", further enhance the brand image and join the international market.

Moen of the top ten sanitary ware brands

In 1937, Al Moen, the founder of Moen, was still studying mechanical engineering at the university. One day, he accidentally burned his hand while adjusting the water temperature of the old two-handle faucet. In an instant, he was inspired by wisdom. Therefore, a single-handle faucet that can mix cold and hot water into a single spout came out. Historical inventions and milestones in the modern faucet industry, Moen faucets are sold all over the world.

Ausman in the top ten sanitary ware brands

Ausman Sanitary Ware, founded in 2001, adheres to the spirit of innovation to create world famous brands. After more than 10 years of development, Ausman products cover ceramic sanitary ware, hardware faucets, bathroom accessories, leisure sanitary ware, bathroom furniture and other sanitary ware fields. It is a company with many ceramic sanitary ware production furnaces, bathroom furniture, leisure sanitary ware production lines, and hardware products. The world-class national sanitary ware brand of system management systems such as testing lines and after-sales service systems.

Top ten sanitary ware brands Zhongyu

Zhongyu is China's most powerful integrated kitchen and bathroom R & D, production and sales large-scale joint-stock company, one of China's largest manufacturers of bathroom plumbing products and accessories, and one of Asia's largest exporters of faucets and copper valve accessories , One of the main drafting units of a number of national standards for sanitary plumbing products in China. Products include sanitary ceramics, bathroom furniture, faucet hardware, shower heads, bathtubs, shower rooms, stainless steel sinks, bathroom pendants and copper valves, copper products, etc. The Group will continue to strive to create comfortable, healthy, environmentally friendly and fashionable sanitary and household products for global consumers, and make "JOYOU • Zhongyu Sanitary Ware" a world famous brand.

Dongpeng, the top ten sanitary ware brands

Guangdong Dongpeng Ceramics is one of the largest professional production enterprises in the country with the most complete varieties and specifications and the best reputation. The company has successfully developed a number of new technologies to fill the industry gap; successfully launched "Golden Flower Beige", "Tianshan Stone", "Yinhe Stone", "Flying Stone", "Sand Rock", "Coral Jade", etc. New products, set off the national "one piece of yellow" and "one piece of white" decoration trends; lead the launch of "Carrara", "Tongshi", "Tianyuan Stone" and other products representing the top technology in China and even the world, while bringing modern high-tech The combination of technical products and oriental ceramic culture integrates into people's artistic life, creating home cultural space, fashion commercial space, overall kitchen and bathroom space, industrial product display space, external wall hanging space and overall sanitary living hall and other spiritual spaces, leading Following the trend of the industry, make new contributions to the Chinese ceramic industry.

Top ten sanitary ware brands

Shanggao Sanitary Ware is positioned as a fashionable, popular and high-quality household bathroom brand, focusing on the fashionable mass market, with urban youth and petty bourgeoisie as the core, and around the bathroom furniture to create a stylish and quality living bathroom space. The professional manufacture of bathroom cabinets will drive the development of ceramics, hardware, bathtubs and shower rooms. According to the love and demands of the mass consumer groups, the products are divided into fashion pioneers, fashion practical types, and fashion taste types according to stylization and serialization. This is a distinctive feature of Shang Gao.

Top ten brands of sanitary ware

Roca inherits the essence of European design, gathers top international design masters, integrates new technologies, and constantly introduces new products to provide consumers with excellent quality and environmentally friendly products. Roca has won numerous awards over the years. Recent awards include Wallpaper Magazine's 2010 Design Award, British FX International Interior Design Award and 2008 European Design Management Award.

Summary: After reading these articles of the top ten sanitary ware brands in 2014, everyone has a lot of new understanding of the top ten brands. Which brand to choose in the end, everyone still has to decide according to the actual situation at home.

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