How to control the drainage slope of the 400m track and field venue?

The 400m track and field venue has a very strict drainage gradient and the error value is also very high, because the slope of the venue is based on the principle of meeting the rules of the game rather than the principle of smooth drainage. This is not the same as general road works. The requirement of the International Amateur Athletic Federation is that the straight run in an upward gradient of 0.1%, and the slope of the sprint runway in a standard runway, shall be a linear measurement between the starting point and the end point. In the left-right direction of the runway, the slope of the inward road is no more than 1%. This is the basis of engineering design. Therefore, the design value of the drainage slope should be within the requirements of the above gradient, that is, to meet the rules of the competition and also to achieve the purpose of drainage.

The track area shall be the lowest point of the inner ring ditch cover plate, and the lowest point of the runway cross slope, and the outward stretch control cross slope shall not be more than 1%, generally 0.7%-0.8%. At the same time, according to the rules of the competition, the longitudinal slope shall not exceed 0.1% of the requirements, and the point-by-point projection shall be used to control the drainage slope of the entire field with 6 points. See picture.


Tian Sai District, in the arc area, you can use the center point. Ql and O2 are connected to the above 6 points to make a straight slope, no slope point is set in the middle, and no points can be randomly connected during construction to prevent exceeding the standard requirements.

400m track and field venue drainage, in addition to relying on surface drainage, there are underground drainage ditch, site blind ditch drainage, long-distance sand pit drainage, 3000m barrier drainage, etc., the total site drainage outlet is discharged from the drain to the outside. The highest point of the gutter is controlled by two factors. First, the water in the 3000m barrier pool is discharged outside the site. It is 70cm lower than the ground, and the other is the low elevation of the municipal drainage pipe outside the sports track and field. These two keys are designed. Units and construction units must carefully master first-hand materials. They can't just look at the topographic maps and check the information to prevent accidents where water is not discharged.

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