Listen to the abnormal sound of the constant temperature and humidity box to see the value of each meter

Everyone knows how to keep the constant temperature and humidity box better. The following is a brief introduction to everyone, so that it can be used in daily work and life. The correct maintenance of the equipment, the compressor is an important component, which is directly related to the normal operation of the entire equipment, the maintenance of the compressor is very important. Below we will do a detailed analysis of the problems that the compressor should pay attention to in terms of maintenance, for your reference!

From the general situation, when the compressor of the equipment is inspected, we must first listen to the abnormal sound, carefully check the movement sounds of the cylinders and moving parts at all levels, according to "listen" to distinguish whether its working condition is normal, if it is found The normal sound immediately stops checking.

In addition, with the experience of Xiaobian for many years, we can also find out the problem by observing the abnormality of the constant temperature and humidity chamber. It is necessary to observe whether the temperature and flow of the cooling water are normal. It is also possible to observe the pressure gauges on all levels, the gas storage tank and the cooler. Whether the indication values ​​of the pressure gauge and the lubricant pressure gauge are within the specified range; if not, you have to do a specific inspection!

And the supply of lubricating oil for constant temperature and humidity chamber compressors should also be observed frequently, including the lubrication system of the lubrication system of the compressor moving mechanism. Some compressors are equipped with plexiglass baffles on the side of the crosshead rail of the fuselage, which can be seen directly. To the crosshead movement and the supply of lubricants, it is also very wonderful to hear and see.

听恒温恒湿箱之异响 看各仪表之数值

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