Characteristics of Shanghai Hengyuan ELISA Kit

Shanghai Hengyuan Biological Co., Ltd. is a domestic high and excellent kit supplier, free technical support, free ELISA test, qualitative and quantitative scientific research! Welcome to inquire and order, the characteristics of our company ELISA kit:

1. High sensitivity: IC50=0.05g/ml, 18 times that of pyrogallol method.

2. Good stability: The kit is valid for 2 months at 2~8°C.

3. Quick and easy: The whole process takes about 30 minutes and can measure about 50 samples.

4. Good reproducibility: coefficient of variation CV = 1.7%.

5. Recovery test: X = 103.3%.

6. Small factors affected by external influences: less interference factors and strong repeatability.

7. Wide test range: It can measure animal serum (plasma), tissue, various body fluids, perfusate, etc., various cultured cells, bacteria, plant tissues and various aquatic products with good results.

8. ELISA kit stock is in stock.

9. Product order is subject to the latest price on the day of order.

10. The products are re-inspected before leaving the warehouse to ensure quality.

11. Specimens of human, mouse, rat, guinea pig, rabbit, dog, chicken, horse, monkey, sheep, pig, cow, and various plants.

Buy ELISA kit, you can enjoy 30% discount to Shanghai Hengyuan! Quality assurance, as well as standard products, serum, culture media, biological reagents, antibodies and other experimental reagent products hot sales, you are welcome to inquire.

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