Duang ~ cool UV printing technology like stunt

Duang ~ cool UV printing technology like stunt

UV printing is a popular production mode for printing high-end products and packaging deep-processed products. Many companies have been using this technology to print promotional pages for luxury products such as automobiles and jewelry albums. product quality. At present, printing solution providers have focused their attention on this field, developed a variety of UV technology forms, and provided customers with many printing ideas through different surface finishing equipment. The editor of Bisheng.com has taken stock of some unique UV printing technologies.

Komori's H-UV technology

basic introduction:

The H-UV system is an epoch-making ultraviolet UV drying system carefully developed by Komori. Its components include ultraviolet UV lamps and high-sensitivity ultraviolet UV inks developed using Komori ’s unique expertise. The H-UV system only installs one UV lamp in the paper collection device, which can guarantee the outstanding printing quality and reliability, and at the same time play an active role in reducing costs and paying attention to environmental protection.

The biggest highlight:

The Komori H-UV system can quickly dry the printed sheets online, effectively shortening the overall work cycle from receiving the printed materials to delivering them to the customer. Since there is no need to wait, there is no need for a large area of ​​inventory space. In turn, the inventory space that has been expanded with the continuous increase of multi-variety and small-batch printing operations has been reduced. In addition, H-UV's fast drying system can solve the problems of high energy consumption, high heat generated by UV printing, and ozone generated by UV drying lamps. H-UV can control the heat dissipation to a minimum To a limited extent, it can print thermal paper and light-weight paper materials; and the visual effect of H-UV is more shocking and impactful than traditional UV printing. This is extremely important in the field of packaging and printing.

In addition to production advantages, the economics and environmental protection of H-UV technology are also of particular concern. The carbon dioxide (CO2) emission of Komori H-UV system is only 1/4 of the emission of ordinary ultraviolet UV drying system. The heat generated by the UV lamp itself is also very small, which can suppress the deformation of printed sheets due to heat. In terms of energy saving, the H-UV system cuts off the short wavelength of ordinary UV lamps, so it does not generate ozone and does not use powder spray. It can also improve the production environment of the factory to a certain extent.

Jiahe Dingxin LED-UV technology

basic introduction:

In February 2008, Japan Ryobi and Toyo Ink launched LED-UV curing technology for the first time. At China Print 2013, RYOBI offset presses were equipped with LED-UV curing devices. The illumination light source of the LED-UV curing device used on the offset press is composed of a row of high-output LED-UV lamp micro-components arranged without gaps. At present, the illumination intensity of LED-UV lamps is weaker than that of traditional UV lamps, and the irradiation distance is short. The irradiation distance of traditional UV lamps is 150-300mm, while the irradiation distance of LED-UV lamps is about 20mm. Therefore, the distance between the light source of the LEDUV curing device and the surface of the substrate is much smaller. Generally, the distance between the traditional UV lamp and the surface of the substrate is 100 to 150 mm, while the distance between the LED UV curing device and the surface of the substrate is 10 to 20 mm.

The biggest highlight:

The outstanding feature of the LED-UV printing system is that the LED-UV light source is used for drying, the light source has a longer life, and the light-emitting diode can be replaced separately, so the replacement cost of the enterprise is guaranteed to be the lowest, and 70% -80% energy consumption is saved. This kind of light source changes the energy consumption characteristics of the traditional light source continuous lighting, and the new technology ensures that the light source can be turned on and off instantly, and only lights during the printing process. At the same time, no mercury and other harmful substances are discharged, which is a leading environmentally friendly printing technology. According to reports, currently only Ryobi has launched LED-UV technology, which is far ahead in the industry. For LED-UV technology, when printing 40g thin paper, it can also perfectly achieve no wrinkle and no dark ink, and the printing effect is very good. In addition, because this system does not require air cooling or water cooling during the printing process, there is no need for exhaust ducts.

Heidelberg's LE-UV technology

basic introduction:

LE-UV (LowEnergyUV) is low-energy UV. According to reports, this technology has obvious advantages over traditional UV technology. In terms of product quality, the ink is bright and does not need to be polished, and the scratch resistance is good; in the production process, its printing suitability is good and the production efficiency is efficient; in terms of printing cost, the LE-UV technology does not require excessive electricity costs and ink The cost of use, because of its "quick-drying" characteristics, does not require a large amount of drying equipment investment costs. At present, LE-UV is a major trend in today's business printing market. It is mainly used in Europe, America, and Japan, and has gradually begun to emerge in some Asian countries and regions.

The biggest highlight:

Production speed is "faster". Due to the characteristics of instant drying, the ink on the coated paper is instantaneously cured, and the printing on the other side is started without waiting, and then transferred to the next process, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves storage space.

Product quality is "higher". Since powder spraying is not required in the printing process, while improving the printing speed, it also improves the printing quality, and provides convenience for thick processing, thereby reducing the processing difficulty and scrap rate. In addition, due to the characteristics of LE-UV inks, there is no need for protective glazing of printed products, because LE-UV has excellent gloss and scratch resistance.

Enterprise competitiveness is "stronger". Today's printing industry tends to develop like short-run business and personalized printing, so "joint printing" has thus become a starting point for various enterprises. LE-UV technology is rapidly increasing production speed without losing product quality. It is reported that Taiwan's Jianhao, a leading printing company, and Hong Kong Jingya Printing Group have adopted this technology.

KBA's Metronic Genius 52 UV equipment

basic introduction:

KBA applies UV technology to its own equipment. KBA Metronic Genius 52 UV has the most popular B3 (20-inch) format printers that have long sought various functions in vain. The advantages of this machine include convenient one-person operation, extremely short walking distance, avant-garde design, automation of all basic functions (including accurate registration of the upper version and cleaning of the blanket), fast live parts replacement and a few sheets Start-up waste, high-quality reproduction (this is due to the combination of the advantages of temperature-controlled waterless offset printing and ghost-free ink-free ink supply device, so even extremely discerning images can do this), And a very wide range of substrates. In addition, this five-color printing press, together with ancillary equipment, covers an area of ​​only 12 square meters, which saves space and allows users to easily access all parts, and also ensures that all colors are printed in one time. So as to ensure accurate registration.

The biggest highlight:

Since Genius 52UV uses waterless UV offset printing technology and does not use any ink rollers, it has got rid of the restrictive factors that are difficult for slaves to use in traditional offset printing. The operation is simpler and saves labor cost. The edge of the dots in the waterless offset printing technology is sharper and clearer, and the dots are enlarged and reduced, which can express a wider color gamut, so the printing effect is better. Genius 52UV is more popular abroad, the technology is already very mature, and there are many successful cases in China. Undoubtedly, these companies have now become leaders in the field of smart card, 3D raster printing, plastic card printing or other special materials printing. One characteristic that clearly distinguishes KBA Genius 52 UV from its competitors is that the printing plate used in the original job can be used again when the job is repeated.

SCODIX exquisite post-press special effects and functional printing solutions

basic introduction:

Scodix is ​​an Israeli equipment manufacturer, and its printing enhancement concept can provide printing companies with exquisite post-press special effect solutions, helping printing companies to provide value-added services and distinctive products to their customers, thereby gaining more customers and Market opportunities. Scodix's technology has brought post-press processing into the digital era, bringing additional added value to digital printing products.


Scodix Inkjet-Braille technology-to achieve digital braille embossing embossing effect. ScodixInkjet-Braille was originally designed to help blind and visually impaired people around the world improve their quality of life. It adopts PolySENSE crystal resin technology uniquely designed by Scodix, and prints Braille embossed embossed characters and graphic elements by UV inkjet method. The online camera can help accurately locate the position of embossed embossed points. Moreover, PolySENSE crystal resin can ensure that the Braille font is durable and wear-resistant, so that the Braille embossed characters and graphics can always maintain a clear outline and will not be deformed or flattened.

ScodixRainbow technology-add brilliant rainbow effect to prints. ScodixRainbow is the world's first colorful inkjet unit, helping companies easily realize Digital-Glittering (digital bright) printing, without having to rely on outsourced processing. ScodixRainbow is a local printing enhancement unit that uses special pigments to add flicker quality to digital prints, increasing the added value of the prints.

With its unique printing adaptability and exquisite expressive power, UV printing technology has become the leader in the current packaging and printing field. Under the current environment with low profit margins, the added value of UV printing technology products is much higher than ordinary printed products. In the future, UV printing technology will become the mainstream of a market, it is such a bold expectation, in case it is realized!

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