Analysis of the relationship between neutral gray balance and color printing

Black printing is a method of copying Gongqing or Hanmo in black. It contains a lot of enriched uranium, or conversion process, in order to produce high-quality color reproduction products. Color reduction, tone reduction, texture reduction, championship reduction are the indexes of black printing. The so-called tone is that the colors are classified according to lightness, the color is three-variable, and the neutral gray is a three-dimensional color space. The neutral gray has no hue and saturation, but only a variable of brightness.

1. Necessary meaning of neutral gray balance

At the time of plate-making and printing, the neutral gray balance is used as a virtue to measure whether the proportion of the three primary colors ink is suitable for color-separating plate-making and printing. It is quite necessary to correctly reproduce the gray color of the wine cup. Some points to note when removing the background color: â‘  Most of the background color removal is persuaded in the areas of neutral gray and near-neutral gray in the tone and dark tone at both ends. â‘¡ Correctly control the removal volume. â‘¢ Control the removal point, that is, the scope of removing the bundle.

2. Background color removal and neutral gray imbalance

The concept of background color removal. The so-called background color removal refers to the removal of a part of the background color of neutral gray from the three primary colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow. And to undertake with black ink. The meaning of background color removal:

1. Improve the printing suitability: use it in dark tone under normal conditions. If the three primary colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow are used to print around the dark tone, the difficulty of the dots is often very high. It is easy to present technical titles during high-speed multi-color printing. If the background color is removed, the amount of inking can be reduced, thereby improving printing compliance and printing quality. Our factory encountered this kind of title problem when printing a batch of gift company packaging last month.

2. It helps to control the neutral gray balance and the dullness of the ink when printing, reducing the amount of overprinting of the black ink of the three primary colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow.

3. As the amount of cyan, magenta and yellow ink is reduced, the amount of black ink is increased, so the cost is flying, and the price of black ink is high.

4. After using the high-speed multi-color printing machine, the biggest geometric figure that affects the speed and quality of the high-speed printing machine is the problem of ink drying. It also means that the speed of the ink drying rate will directly affect the pressure and the quality of the high-speed multi-color printing machine. The long strategy for this title is multi-faceted, such as reversing the composition and organization of the ink, improving the drying method of the printing press, and the other is to improve the workmanship, advance the concentration and bank of the black ink, and reduce the three primary colors of cyan, magenta, and yellow The amount of ink in the non-black parts, which effectively reduces the ink layer to accelerate the drying rate.

3. The effect of the depth of the black version on the amount of background color removal

The depth of the black version has a greater influence on the amount of background color removal. The amount of background color removal is more. The black version should be darker. Conversely, the black version should be lighter. There are also black and white tones in the black version, which should depend on the pros and cons of the Bianstone dark tone density grid. The dark tone density category is long, the black version should be long, and the dark tone density scale is short, the black version should be short. Neutral gray imbalance is a necessary condition to make the People's City Guo lose the black color reproduction. It is also a martial art that is difficult to control in plate making and printing. Because the cyan, magenta, and yellow inks are not necessarily difficult to reproduce the neutral gray imbalance.

Fourth, the factors that affect the neutral gray balance of the balanced tube bundle are mainly: the color characteristics of the ink, the ratio of the three primary colors, the color sequence of the printing, the performance of the paper, the use of singing power, etc.

1. First of all, we must make clear the replacement of color tone: â’ˆThe three primary colors ink can be alienated into black according to a certain ratio; The three primary colors are assimilated in the proportion of broken characters, which can lose the gap of the hue of the hue or the complex color, and the hue is biased to the hue with a large proportion;

2. The requirements of neutral gray imbalance on the ink: ⒈ high transparency: when the ink is coated into an average film, the degree of the ground color of the body that accepts the ink film. The more clearly the background color is displayed, the higher the transparency of the ink ; ⒉ fine pigment particles: fine pigment particles for printing low-grade crude products; ⒊ strong coloring power: the coloring power of the ink is a quantity that reveals the color intensity or concentration of the ink. For inks that match the hue, the coloring power depends on the pigment The extractability on the phase holding material, the higher the extractability, the stronger the coloring power; also depends on the content of the pigment, the higher the content, the stronger the coloring power; ⒋ light resistance: the color of the pigment under the influence of light, its color It will change color and fade at a consistent level. This is a light-resistant personality; ⒌High color compliance: color compliance is a comprehensive indicator of ink chisel and grayscale; ⒍Good chemical stubbornness: the color of the ink will be affected by some chemical energy The occurrence of torsion requires the ink to have good chemical shaking, water resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and ethanol resistance.

3. The performance of the paper is related to the neutral gray balance. The quality of the printing enterprise is greatly affected by the original raw material paper. The whiteness of the lifeline paper is 100% reflectivity, and the total reflection is 380-700nm. In the process of plate making and printing, it is necessary to think about "different from paper" and adopt appropriate forms of singing to adapt to the paper used, especially in terms of dot thickness, color registration, and initial contrast size. The low-grade and soft papers produced by the government agency are made in China, coated paper, offset paper, painted newspapers and imported coated paper, egg-textured paper, cloth-textured paper, etc. They are inconsistent in other aspects, and the curves that reproduce the reproduction tone are also different. The tone grade of printing grade with coated paper is particularly rich, while the grade of printing grade with offset paper is larger than oil. The difference is that the 157G coated paper has a certain quality gap due to thieves.

4. The printing color sequence is related to neutral gray. The monochromatic knitting pliers machine adopts the sequential color sequence of yellow, magenta, cyan, and black. It was first considered that the lowest colorless ink should be printed in the first color, and then Intone's high-intensity inks, this sort of color sequence is arranged according to the transparency of the ink. At the same time, the viscosity of the ink is also considered. Because the viscosity of the Y ink is small, or it is resistant to the dirty and mixed sound behind the printed matter; the light color is placed on the front, and the ink roller is easy to clean; The multi-color Mingjian machine adopts the reversal order of black, cyan, magenta, and yellow. Because the multi-color machine is wet stacked wet, the printing ink is under the condition of no corrosive conjunctiva drying, and another color ink is overprinted again. The viscosity of the four-color ink is black> green> product> yellow in sequence, how to meet the requirements of the four-color machine. The color sequence of the multi-color machine is to gradually reduce the printing viscosity from high to low according to the ink viscosity. Printed on the front, overprint protectors are better.

Secondly, the color sequence of the multi-color machine is considered separately, so that the lowest transparency is printed first, and the black ink has the lowest transparency, that is, the darkest. As a matter of fact, the surface color is denser, so it should be printed in front to allow transparency. The high-grade and cyan colors are placed on the back printing. The color sequence arrangement that can make the entire arc lamp bright and dazzling has a great influence on the neutral gray balance. The different color sequences will directly affect the printing quality and quality. The hue of the color should be comprehensively analyzed in the reality of manufacturing. The variable factors of the printing wife and the printer should be thought a little more. The color sequence should be printed according to the different types of prostate and customer applications. Arrange the color sequence to reproduce the perfectness of the printed harbour.

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