Home store marketing methods need to be improved to put consumers in the first place

In the past ten years, the people's concept of home decoration, staying in the decoration does not need to spend a lot of money, just simple decoration, furniture is equipped, you can stay in the bag. Buying a suite in the city where you live and work today is already the goal of life. Buying a home means you have a place to live in the city. It’s no longer a luxury to spend a lifetime of money to buy a suite. Then take out a few flats of the house for renovation. What do you think? Home improvement, with the hot property market in recent years, has become an indispensable one. Kind of consumption.

Nowadays, as the main force of the purchase of the 80s, the house needs to rely on the family's financial support and his own struggle. At the moment of the delivery of the house, there are countless whimsy in the design of the building, full of expectations for the house. However, too high renovation costs have become a difficult problem to achieve quality home dreams. The author remembers that in the sales philosophy advocated by Red Star Macalline, it is not aimed at sales figures, but to fundamentally change people's concept of home life, so that every consumer can experience a healthier and more comfortable home living environment. Nowadays, information dissemination is very convenient, which allows consumers to better understand the advantages and disadvantages and prices of different furniture products in the early stage of decoration. Many consumers purchase the home products they intend to purchase through newspapers and internet before purchasing furniture. Survey comparison. At the time of the final purchase, there is a clearer goal.

How to guide consumers to buy quality-assured home products has become the primary task of home stores and home brands. Excellent products are not recognized because the promotion is not in place. How to accurately convey your product concept to consumers is a sales problem that every business has to face. In fact, it is a retrogression in the home furnishing industry to cater to consumers to launch home products. Household products should lead consumers' habits through the innovation of their own products, such as home appliances, clothes and accessories.

Discounts, promotions, gifts, cash backs, in the home industry in 2013, these words became high-frequency vocabulary in the advertising campaigns of major stores and brands, which is a way to stimulate household consumption. In the short term, there will be a certain promotion effect, but the long-term development of the home industry also requires more standardized market guidelines.

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