Serological detection of salmonellosis

(1) The chicken white dysentery whole blood plate agglutination test is used for the purification and quarantine of chicken white dysentery. The chicken whole blood is collected on the spot, and an agglutination test is performed with the antigen prepared by the standard strain of Salmonella dysenteriae. This method saves time and effort, is easy to operate, but has low specificity and sensitivity.

(2) Competitive ELISA detection method uses Salmonella of specific serotype as the coating antigen, and uses the competitive ELISA method established by enzyme label O antigen-specific monoclonal antibody to detect Salmonella antibody. Yin Yuelan and others used the 09 monoclonal antibody developed by Jiao Xin'an to establish a porcine cholera antibody competition ELISA detection method. At the same time as the plate agglutination test (PAT), 506 serum samples were tested for swine cholera antibody. The detection rate of PAT was 3.60%. The detection rate of ELISA was 5.75%, and the coincidence rate of the two was 96.4%.

(3) Salmonella recombinant antigen ELISA detection method uses recombinantly expressed Salmonella serogroup or type-specific structural protein as the coating antigen to detect the corresponding specific antibody in the sample. Kuang et al. Screened a unique 270bp sequence from the sequence encoding Salmonella enteritidis cilia, and then used genetic engineering techniques to recombine this sequence in vitro and express the corresponding recombinant protein. Serum detection is performed by ELISA reaction plates. The biggest advantage of this method is its good specificity. It is specifically used for the detection of specific serotypes of Salmonella.

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