The non-contact ultrasonic cell breaker has a wide range of sample processing

Shanghai Haozhuang Instrument Co., Ltd. develops the non-contact ultrasonic cell disruptor of the Haozhuang (LNB) brand, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly, leading the country. Professional manufacturing is more secure and affordable. 1. No aerosol production-enhanced biological safety, used for aseptic operation 2. Eliminated the risk of cross-contamination of samples; can interrupt chromosomes and break cells through centrifuge tubes 3. Eliminate the tediousness of traditional hand-held probes, fixed probes, with silencer compression device 4. The ultrasonic cell crusher can effectively prevent the generation of sample foam 5. Chinese LCD display, power can be fine-tuned, the striking method can be used every time 5W fine adjustment;
6. The ultrasonic cell crusher uses periodic pulses to break the cells, the start and end times of the pulses are adjustable, and the adjustable time is accurate to 0.1 seconds. 7. Can handle a variety of samples, a wide range of sample processing 8. Can use standard Disposable device 9. Ultrasonic cell crusher can be used to process trace samples; at least 5uL
10. Can process 4 ~ 32 samples at a time, need to choose the corresponding model 11. Automatic continuous rotation centrifuge tube makes the energy distribution of ultrasonic waves more uniform, the data is specific, and can be repeated 12. Ultrasonic cell crusher with cooling Water circulation tank, optional low-temperature coolant circulation machine, to avoid excessive temperature in the crushing process, affecting the virus's infectivity

working principle:
The non-contact ultrasonic cell lysis system (ultrasonic cell disintegration instrument) adopts the design of installing an ultrasonic generating device at the bottom of the water tank. With the traditional probe ultrasonic breaker, the micro-flow phenomenon caused by ultrasound can only appear in the area near the probe, not the contact type The ultrasonic cell lysis system is equipped with an ultrasonic generator at the bottom of the water tank, so that the water tank is completely within the range of ultrasonic waves, and the ultrasonic effect is widely distributed and balanced, which reduces the formation of foam. During the experiment, the XO non-contact ultrasonic cell lysis system automatically continuously rotates the centrifuge tube to make the ultrasonic capacity distribution more uniform. The non-contact ultrasonic cell lysis system is in the middle of the experiment. The samples are placed in separate fully sealed centrifuge tubes without any cross-contamination between the samples to avoid the spread of aerosol.
System advantages:
Traditional probe ultrasonic breaker, the probe is in direct contact with the sample, there is metal ion pollution, only one sample can be processed at a time, the experiment period is long; for multiple samples, the same probe needs to be reused, which is likely to cause cross-contamination of the sample. Because the depth of the probe inserted into the sample is not used each time, the energy distribution of each ultrasound is also different, which affects the repeatability and accuracy of the experimental results. In addition, because closed systems cannot be used, the aerosol or foam generated during the ultrasound process will diffuse into the environment, causing potential biological hazards. Non-contact ultrasonic cell lysis system can simultaneously detect 4-32 samples at a time, high experimental efficiency; no need to frequently operate the probe, each sample is in a separate fully enclosed test tube to avoid cross-contamination; using a 4 degree water bath, ultrasonic energy distribution Uniform, complete ultrasound effect; flexible ultrasound parameter setting, standardized experimental procedures, good experiment repeatability, and high reliability of results.
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