The teaching plan (preparation) of the first volume of the first grade primary school in the Jiangsu education edition

Teaching Design of "Cultivating Good Learning Habits (2)" [Teaching Requirements] 1. Instruct students to carefully observe the teaching flip chart, repeatedly train the correct reading posture, and continue to cultivate students' good reading habits. 2. Instruct students to carefully observe the textbook illustrations or teaching wall charts, repeatedly train the correct writing posture and pen holding method, learn the writing methods such as red strokes and temporary posts, make clear requirements, and continue to cultivate good writing habits. 3. Through guidance and observation of illustrations or teaching wall charts, students should be able to do: when reading and writing, the body's center of gravity falls within the support point of the ischium and the stool (chair), the distance between the eyes and the book is maintained between 30-35 cm, and the distance between the chest and the desk edge Keep it between 6-8 cm and always sit upright. When reading, make sure that the angle formed by the line of sight and the textbook plane is close to a right angle: when writing, the left and right arms are placed flat on the desktop, and the pen holder is about 60 ° from the plane of the exercise book. Angle. When holding the pen, the index finger is slightly lower than the larger thumb, and keep a distance of 3-4 cm from the tip of the pen. [Educational focus, difficulty] Train students to read and write postures correctly and develop good habits.

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