Colorful baseball caps + clear peach makeup return to high school era

For girls who have already said goodbye to high school, high school is such a day to be missed. Crazy, laughing, crying, everything is so shiny. Come and regain the memory of high school. This colorful baseball cap + clear peach makeup is a female high school student.

Colorful baseball cap + clear peach makeup Return to high school era

Colorful baseball cap + clear peach makeup

The colorful baseball caps adorned with medals and patterns bring you back to the college age full of youthfulness. The colors of the makeup are mainly hydrating and light, and the makeup should be pure and transparent, with natural eyebrows and moisturizing. Full of lips, like a clear and delicate peach is generally lovable.

Building steps

Step1: Start with a light-weight oil-control foundation from the cheeks with a large area, and pat the makeup to increase the vitality and elasticity of the skin, and make the makeup more docile. Then put your palms hot and let the palms press the face to make the makeup more transparent.

Step2: Keep your eye makeup as clean and natural as possible. Fill the roots of the eyelashes with a brown eyeliner and gently apply a layer of dark brown or black mascara to make the eyelashes look fresh and clear. You can omit the program of the thrush, just comb the eyebrows neatly.

Step3: First use lip balm to moisturize the lips, soften the keratin, then use your fingers to pick up the light rose lipstick, and tap the lip to bring the ice cream like the attractive lips.


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