Create the perfect autumn makeup and transform into a fashionista

The combination of khaki and black is the mainstream color popular this fall. As a highly affixed khaki with a black eyeliner with glamorous eyes and a glamorous lip gloss, you can transform into the most dazzling fashion trend of the season. So how to create a perfect autumn makeup, please learn with Xiaobian!

Autumn makeup


1: Use pearly eyeshadow to make a base in the eyelids.

2: Smudge the eyeball with a high-intensity eye shadow.

3: Draw invisible eyeliner near the root of the eyelashes, strengthen the contours of the eyes, and immediately make your eyes bigger and brighter.

4: On the basis of the eyeliner in step 3, draw a layer of black eyeliner to enhance the effect of magnifying the eye.

5: Apply a primary color eye shadow C to the middle of the two layers of eyeliner.

6: Take the main color eye shadow C with your fingertips at the end of the eye and gently circle to make it fit the skin. Immediately highlights the fascinating eyes of the light and moisturizing.

7: Apply a layer of eye shadow C to the lower eyelid, select pearl color eye shadow A at the eye, and draw a black eyeliner from the lower eyelid 1/3.

8: Repeat the pearl eye shadow A repeatedly in the lower eyelid, the pearl color of the radiance makes your eyes more shining and moving.

9: If the upper eyeliner is not clear enough or remove makeup, then make up the makeup again.


1: Apply a protective color to the lower lip to adjust the dim lip color.

2: Apply a thick layer of lipstick to the center of the lips.

3: Use a lip brush to spread the lipstick evenly on both sides of the lip and draw the lip line.

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