Start by adjusting the PH value to solve the blackhead problem

Normal skin has a pH of 6, while people with more blackheads have a much lower pH than normal (note: the lower the pH, the stronger the acidity). Usually the acid resistance is stronger, and some actually reach 4 or less. This is the skin. The key to the problem is to adjust the skin with a pH below 4 to normal skin, and the skin problems will be solved.

Skin care

Reasons for the formation of blackheads:

1 Each body is different, so the size of the pores is different. Even if the same maintenance work is done, the degree of improvement of the pores can be different.

2 If excessive exposure to sunlight, in addition to causing abnormal metabolism of epidermal cells, will also cause connective tissue loss of elasticity, which is why some people have passed the puberty, the pores are still growing.

3 If the cleaning is too hard, the skin will be tight and dry, dry and peeling, and even some small crumbs, it will easily cause abnormal or keratin metabolism in our skin, resulting in greater damage.

4 stress and hormonal imbalance

5 improper diet

Conditioned to normal pH:

Black-headed people usually have stronger acid resistance and are much lower than the normal skin's PH6 value (note: the lower the PH value, the stronger the acidity), and some actually reach 4 or less. This is the key to skin problems. Skin with a value lower than 4 is adjusted to normal skin, and the skin problem will be solved. The medium concentration of fruit acid (10%~20%) is the only best tool to solve this problem quickly and accurately. The acid is from sugar cane. Extracted, different concentrations, different pH values ​​have different effects and effects. However, the concentration of fruit acids sold on the market is generally low, and the PH value is relatively high. Only exfoliating and moisturizing effects are required. It is difficult to adjust the skin to a normal pH value, and the pH of the medium concentration is required to be low. Fruit acid for conditioning and treatment.

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