Natural and healthy makeup for a clear skin

The glamorous iceberg beauty and excessive heavy makeup are all inferior to the "pure cotton beauty" with a sweet smile. It is as soft as cotton, but it is just right to make up your own personal advantages. Just like the natural makeup, let you win super good popularity, peach blossom will be promoted by the way!

Have you tried to create a makeup that has made you feel alienated? You don’t feel that there is a problem in the mirror. In fact, in addition to exquisite makeup, you have to be close to the people, if you draw a big makeup Or a super-personal makeup, but it makes people around them feel difficult to get close, which is not worth the loss.

Natural, clean and healthy makeup, deeply favored by MM. If you want to have this effect, it is recommended to use light-colored makeup, use the makeup and makeup techniques to create a good foundation for the skin and create cotton. A sugary, soft skin and a rosy, petal-like look. Not only can it highlight the natural luster, but also reflect the roundness and clear texture of the skin. You may wish to try it.

Natural makeup

1. draw a round method to cover the pores

The pore-finishing products will be modified in a small circle by finger painting, and the pores on both sides of the nose and the forehead will be thick and easy to be discharged.

Tips: Be sure to keep your hands clean when applying the modified pores. Try to keep your hands and face clean and dry, otherwise it will result in poor makeup.

Recommended baby: Grandma Fran baby Jane pore modification milk

Highlights: Effectively condenses pores, controls epidermal oil secretion, adjusts skin texture, and refines skin.

2. Create natural translucent skin

Use a pearlescent base lotion and a liquid foundation to mix in a ratio of 1:2. Apply to the entire face to give the skin a natural glow.

Recommended products: L'Oreal Snow Whitening Essence Foundation

Highlights: It can invisibly smear the skin and correct uneven skin tone. It contains double pearl particles, which gives the pearly touch and luster of the makeup, creating a three-dimensional light and beautiful skin. Helps the skin to maintain a long-lasting moisturizing effect for 24 hours, inhibits melanin from sinking, and diminishes pigmentation.

3. Modify dark circles

Use a concealer that is similar to the skin tone, apply a proper amount to the most severe tears in the dark circles, and then pat gently with your fingers.

Recommended baby: Maybelline MAYBELLINE perfect face concealer

Highlights: Lightweight yet perfectly decorated with spots and dark circles for a long-lasting finish.

4. Liquid blush makeup blush

Apply a pinkish liquid or creamy blush to your cheeks and remember to spread the lines evenly to allow the color to blend into the skin.

Recommended products: Pui Ling 妃 Rose Rouge Water

Highlights: The color is natural and delicate, the texture is fresh and thin, it can maintain a very clear makeup, and it is easy to push evenly. The color will not fall easily and it is very convenient to use. The most special is the delicate and tender touch, which is 100% compatible with the skin. Easily solve the problem of floating powder. Just like the face naturally rosy natural rose color.

Pui Ling Fei Rose Rouge

5. A little powdery blush strengthens

The blush brush is stained with pink orange powdery blush, and it is gently patted in the part of the laughing muscles to enhance the rosy feeling.

Recommended baby: Maybelline pure mineral natural skin blush

Highlights: Natural rosy, healthy color, perfect for the skin, natural blush and skin tone are extremely close.

Maybelline mineral leeches skin blush

6. Full face brush powder makeup

If the skin is dull or yellowish, you can choose purple honey powder to adjust the skin tone. It is best to even brush your neck together, there will be no color difference.

Recommended products: 娥佩兰 OPERA breathable powder

Highlights: Breathable ultra-fine particles with high permeability, will not clog the pores, and gently cover the skin surface, making the skin more natural and delicate. Absorb excess sebum and keep it fresh and not greasy for a long time. Make the makeup more natural and beautiful, and prevent makeup from falling off.

Disposable Diaper Baby Pull-up Features:

1. Cloth-like Breathable Back-sheet: Soft cottony backsheet immediately disperse 
frowst and moisture.

2. Imported SAP and Wood Pulp: Imported material makes the cotton core ultra soft, 
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3. Elastic Waist Band: Flexible naturally and well fitting when babies are moving 
or quiet. 

4. 3D -Leak Guard: Well fitting and side leakage-proof.

5. Breathable Top-sheet: New instant absorption top sheet by micropore designing 
that can make baby buns soft.

6. Personalized Fit Conforms to Babies' Curves: This is special design for baby`s 
legs and buns curve, which lessens the rub between legs.

7. Wetness Indicator: It will turn into light green when baby urinate, which is 
more convenient to remind parents to change diaper.

8. Cotton Soft Perforation Surface: 360 super absorption with million holes 
effectively absorb the liquid to keep baby dry.

Baby Pull-up

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