Four strokes to create Hollywood actress legs

A pair of slender legs is the dream of many girls, if you can not have legs model Alexandra • Robertson (Alexandra Robertson) 120cm, and it can only rely on the stovepipe movement.

Duntui.jpg • model Alexandra Robertson has the world's longest legs

Some people will question that exercise and fitness will make the thighs thicker, and it will be even worse if they become muscle legs. Don't worry ! Kit Rich has a wealth of fitness teaching experience. Her four-leg stovepipe method focuses on the training of the legs. If you can persist, you will be able to achieve results .



Stand with your legs open, the opening angle should be wider than the buttocks, the toes should be outward, and the hands should be placed behind the head. Adjust your focus. Imagine going to sit on a chair and then squatting while inhaling. The heel is hard and you should always monitor your knees to a greater extent than your toes. Do your best to squat, and then use the strength of the heel to return to the starting action while exhaling. When you do, remember to look up and hold your chest and look straight ahead.

Do 10-15 of this set of actions as fast as you can .

Walking while walking


After the quick-moving action is over, keep the squatting position and immediately start walking on the room or floor. When you are squatting, try your best to let your hips go down. Just use your heels and lift your head and look straight ahead. Remember to balance your focus.

Wide jump


After completing the 10 steps and walking, you will also maintain a wide posture and then start to jump in the air. Try to jump to the height and then stand on your knees.

The hand can stretch into the air when jumping.

Tips: When going down to the ground, be as light as possible. First touch the ground and then move back to the heel when doing the squat back. Remember to maintain a balance of gravity throughout the process.

This set of actions needs to be done five times.

Going backwards


After the wide bouncing action is over, restart the side-by-side movement, but this time move in the backward direction until you walk back to where you are starting to make a quick break.

The same is at least 10 steps ( five times per leg ) .

Finally: Repeat the whole set of actions 2-3 times after 30 seconds of rest .

Enjoy the whole process.

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