Improve the wardrobe layout to explain the functional partition size of the wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe network ] There are women in the family, of course, there are indispensable wardrobes , although many wardrobes look similar, but the compact design and functionality of the wardrobe are more and more, the size of each functional partition of the wardrobe is different, so the user When creating a wardrobe, pay special attention to it. Let's take a look at the dimensions of each area of ​​the wardrobe.

Wardrobe door size

Wardrobe size

Glass wardrobe door width: The recommended width of a single sliding door is not more than 950mm and the height is within 2400mm.

The width of the panel wardrobe door: the recommended width of the single sliding door should not exceed 1200MM, and the height should be within 2400MM.

Solid wood wardrobe door width: The recommended width of a single sliding door should not exceed 1500MM and the height should be within 2600MM.

Wardrobe size

Wardrobe design

Although the dressing mirror does not have a fixed size, different manufacturers also have a variety of different sizes of mirrors, but all the sizes on the market are similar, in general, you can also customize the size you want, the most common on the market. The size of the mirror is mainly two kinds of heights of 150cm, 156cm and 120cm. The height of the mirror can be more than 156cm and below, so it is more general. As for the width of the mirror, it is generally At more than thirty centimeters, the width is wider and the height is higher.

What are 4-Panel Bulk Bags?

A 4-Panel Bulk Bag derives its name directly from its construction design. In this type of bulk bag, the 4 sides are constructed from 4 separate fabric panels which are stitched together at the edges with each other. A separate piece of panel is used to make the square bottom of the bag.

According to the weight, the bag`s panels may or may not be hemmed. Hemmed edges are known to provide better support and maintain the square shape of the bag efficiently.

What are the advantages of 4-Panel Bulk Bags?

4-Panel Bulk Bags are most useful for storage and transport as they are easier to stack. This helps to save storage space and allows larger number of bags to be stored in it.

What are 4-Panel Bulk Bags useful for?

The 4-Panel Bulk Bag is the ideal choice for industries that require packing, storing and transporting mainly solid and uniform shaped products mostly. With stronger materials, finer type of substances can also be easily transported due to the square shape of the bag.

4-Panel jumbo bags

4-Panel Jumbo Bag

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