How to make acne on the face - Learner's candy makeup

I believe that many beautiful women have also had acne on their faces because of improper maintenance or staying up late. So how do you make acne on your face? The make-up artist is about to reveal it for you now. Follow the people and learn to paint this candy makeup.  

1, the first is to the most basic makeup

After doing the basic skin care work, apply the makeup, apply the liquid foundation, and apply evenly on the face with your fingertips. Where the acne is modified on the periphery of the acne, try not to let too many cosmetics touch the acne. The acne on the nose can be slightly modified with a concealer product and then covered with a layer of powder.

2. Next is the part of the eyebrow makeup. Painting your eyebrows can improve your mental outlook. The eyebrow powder can be used in both colors. Eyebrow brush to take the right amount, the eyebrows are neatly decorated and natural.

How to make acne on the face - Learner's candy makeup

In order to make the effect of eye makeup last longer, use the eye base cream to make the base of the eye before makeup, so that the eyes can shine while maintaining the durability of the eye makeup. Use a fingertip or a matching makeup brush to apply an appropriate amount and apply it over the upper eyelid.

Next is the part of the eye shadow, first take the appropriate amount of light green eyeshadow in the eye to do the bottoming work, showing the tender grass green; put on the golden eye shadow, draw it at the end of the eye> word position; Next, use a makeup brush to naturally smudge the two colors. Next, in order to show the layered feeling of the eye makeup, draw a blue eye shadow at the wrinkle position of the double eyelid, and then apply a pink eye shadow at the position of the lower eyelid.

Then, to the part of the false eyelashes, put false eyelashes on the eyes to make the eyes more attractive. This time, you can use some of the more exaggerated false eyelashes. After sticking it, use the eyelash curler to slightly curl it. After attaching the eyelashes, you can save the steps of brushing the mascara, because this fake eyelashes are more exaggerated.

Next is the part of the eyeliner, using a black eyeliner to draw the eyeliner, making the eyes look more spiritual.

How to make acne on the face - Learner's candy makeup

3, the part of the blush, use the blush brush to pick up the pink blush, apply it to the cheeks, so that the cheeks can show a healthy and good color.

Finally, part of the lip makeup, in order to highlight the feeling of candy, so we use the sweet orange lip gloss to modify the lips, add color to the lips while adding color, to create a beautiful lips.

How to make acne on the face - Learner's candy makeup

4. After the lips are painted, this candy makeup has already been drawn. Although the acne on the chin is still visible, it does not affect the makeup effect at all.

5, then draw the eye makeup, comb the hair of Liu Hai, put on the glasses, let the focus of the makeup focus on the central position of the face, let everyone focus the acne on the other makeup parts of the face, this is the face There are tips on how to make acne. And you can add a little thought, put some rhinestones around the acne, a little bit of powder, decorate the acne, and make it part of the decorative face.

How to make acne on the face - Learner's candy makeup

A simple candy makeup will come out. If you think about how to make up your face because of your long acne, don't want to affect your mood. Then learn how to make up.

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