The three behind-the-scenes "black hand" of the decline of the furniture industry

In 2010, affected by the property market regulation policy, the home industry was once in deep crisis. In the 2012 harvest season of the Golden Nine and Silver 10, the status quo of the home furnishing industry still has not improved much. The news came from the collapse of a large number of old-fashioned home stores.

Under the cold winter, the home store collective "big decline"

Whether it is the withdrawal of Home Depot or the actual home, Red Star Macalline has been experiencing the withdrawal, this year the entire furniture industry has staged a chain "big decline." In the sluggish furniture industry, the home market is seriously ill, and a strong sense of crisis is on the way. Some people in the industry pointed out that the so-called crisis is that there is a danger. That is to say, although the entire furniture industry is facing a big catastrophe, if the enterprise can find out the cause and carefully study and analyze the best and worst cases that may occur, the serious illness may gradually improve.

Cause analysis 1: The real estate regulation policy is pressing

The National Bureau of Statistics recently released the latest national real estate development and sales data. According to the data, from January to July this year, the sales area of ​​commercial housing was 485.93 million square meters, down 6.6% year-on-year, and the decrease was 3.4 percentage points lower than that from January to June. Among them, the residential sales area decreased by 7.5%. Commercial housing sales were 2,869.9 billion yuan, down 0.5%, the decline was reduced by 4.7 percentage points, and residential sales fell by 1.1%. A series of data shows that the sales area has been in a downturn, whether it is commercial housing or residential. Therefore, the furniture industry that is most closely related to real estate will inevitably be greatly affected.

Looking back at the real estate industry in the past few years, it has formed a huge contrast with the current situation. The booming industry has caused the home furnishing industry to be extremely prosperous and the stores to expand continuously. The furniture industry once ushered in a large-scale development. But now, the store has gone from the “excessive” of the past to the “excess” of today, with less than demand and high rents. Some enterprises have tried hard to support, but for a long time, they will not relax the real estate regulation and control policy. The withdrawal and closing (renovation effect map) will also be the ending that some enterprises may face.

Etiology analysis 2: improper management

Affected by the downturn in the property market, the problems of the company's own operations cannot be ignored. Some industry insiders pointed out that for some furniture enterprises, the impact of the property market is not the dominant factor, and its own operational problems are the “culprits”. Many enterprises are waiting for customers to come to the door, and there is a serious lack of service awareness. For the furniture industry, all the products are sold in large quantities, and consumers will be extra cautious in purchasing. If the store can deliver goods on time, the quality of the furniture, after-sales and other aspects have certain guarantees, consumers can choose It will also be reassuring that companies will also establish a good image in the hearts of consumers.

There has been a recent case of forced removal of furniture due to violations of furniture products, which has once again sounded the alarm for the industry. The famous children's furniture (renovation effect map) brand favorite is currently being dealt with by the Beijing home store. The reason is that the brand furniture does not meet the requirements of the General Technical Conditions for Children's Furniture GB2008007-2011 on August 1, and the brand deceives the store, ignores the new national standard, continues to sell non-standard furniture, and is finally forced to remove. The incident is bound to have a very bad impact on its brand image. It is understood that after the incident, the relevant departments have begun to carry out a comprehensive rectification of unqualified products.

Etiology analysis three: furniture e-commerce impact on the traditional industry?

In recent years, the rapid rise of furniture e-commerce has attracted the attention of the industry, which has led to industry analysis, whether e-commerce is feasible. Industry analyst Cao Xuanli said that the rise of e-commerce is unstoppable, but its impact on the traditional stores of home building materials is minimal. The home building materials industry is an industry with cold attention, high experience and high irregularity, and consumers usually pay attention to the actual experience.

Red Star Macalline announced in August this year that its online red beauty mall was officially launched, and Jimei Home, Chengwaicheng, Lanjingli and other stores have achieved the touch of the net through different ways. It can be seen that the field of e-commerce is indeed highly concerned by traditional home stores. But how much impact it has on the store will require further observation.

On the whole, the shadow of the furniture industry's long-term policy of real estate regulation has become a reality. In the deep winter of the furniture industry, enterprises only find their own operational deficiencies, strengthen the "internal strength" cultivation, improve quality and service, and find A road suitable for its own development will be able to survive this period of turmoil.

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