Yoga and Pilates, what kind of flexible thinning technique do you have?

Pilates seems to be similar to the one we are familiar with, so many Pilates practisers often mix Pilates with yoga. Although both types of training are static repairs, they are It is totally different two static training methods.

Do not eat enough before you exercise, otherwise it will lead to dysfunction of the digestive system. However, some mineral water or other beverages can be prepared during exercise to supplement lost water during the period.

For the flexibility of the body and the correctness of various parts of the body, please choose yoga: Now more and more women do not exercise yoga as a weight loss exercise, more women are to create a healthy, The body joints are corrected, and the blood circulation movement is promoted. Therefore, when yoga is combined with aerobic exercise and tenacity exercise, the perfect S shape can be completely created! Yoga can correct those abnormal bone and joints, and can effectively improve constipation, adhere to yoga, abdominal pain will disappear (refer to dysmenorrhea, constipation, etc.) to make the body feel more light feeling. If you want to make your body soft and balanced, yoga is a good choice!

If you want to reduce fat and create a perfect figure, choose Pilates! Pilates is a combination of yoga and stretching exercise, because of its more stretching-based movements, and more movement movements, so it has a super good weight loss characteristics! After experiencing many experiencers, it is obvious that the concentration of meditation is increased at the same time. Because the movement is relatively fast compared to yoga, the sense of muscle is obviously improved. Although the uninterrupted movement is really tired, It does cause the body to get body and the whole body muscles get exercised, so if you insist on exercising Pilates, it will become more obvious to lose weight and reduce fat. If you like movement with a sense of movement more than quiet motion, and you want to Pilates is a better choice when you can lose weight while working out muscles!

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