How to use European furniture together

In recent years, the more popular European-style furniture in China is dominated by the unrestrained Baroque and the slim and beautiful Rococo style. Two points need to be paid attention to when it comes to space matching.

One avoids too much color. Nowadays, many customers choose the furniture first, and then set the style of the home decoration. It is necessary to pay attention to the space when matching the space. It is best to use the color of the same color as the main color of the furniture. On this basis, add soft contrast color or intermediate color. Accessories can create an elegant and harmonious atmosphere.

Two bogey accessories are not appropriate. To make European-style furniture completely exude its charm, it is inseparable from the role of accessories, wallpaper, lamps, paintings, flooring, home textiles, etc. should be just right. Wallpapers can be selected with complex patterns, artistic stripes, floral patterns or stories and characters; lamps require round lines, soft light, quaint wrought-iron branches are the first choice; paintings require thick ink, and the frame must be thick. Matching; the texture of curtains and bedding should be elegant, you can use tassels and lace as decoration; the ground must be carpeted, the pattern and color are relatively flat, and should not be too fancy.

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