Pure Natural Allen Ain Angela Children's Wardrobe

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Brand: Allen Aini

Children's wardrobe

Appearance, this wardrobe has a return to nature. Open the door, you can also find that its inner wall is made of wood grain plate, which is very suitable in terms of color, style, or health and environmental protection.

In detail, the top of the closet is decorated with a layered trim. The rounded cabinet feet make the small fresh style not too serious.

The shape of this wardrobe is fresh and returns to nature, and the simple and clean solid color is not easy to appear obsolete. The material used is also very environmentally friendly, and the size is also tailored for children, suitable for children.

Bread Bin 

1:great Bread Box is designed to extend the shelf life of your breads and pastries while preventing flies and environmental germs from reaching your bread!

2:It features some tiny holes in the back side, allowing air circulation, keeping your bread fresh and delicious way longer!

3:Stainless Steel items,color painting items,powder coating items, perfect décor for your kitchen.

4:Combining the bread bin and the canister set or the tissues holder also the sale point for the market.

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red color painting bread binbread bin set bread bin set

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Bread Bin

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