Review: Elegant and romantic Gregory Maya M30201 wallpaper

The first impression of the Grimwall Maya series M30201 wallpaper to the assessor is that the fashion is generous, the pattern is elegant, the texture is better, the printing is delicate, and the smell is basically no smell, which is a mild product. Its simple European style can be used by people aged 25~45, and it has a wide range of applications.

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The Grivel Maya Collection M30201 wallpaper is an elegant and romantic simple European style. On a grid-like metallic background, the design is a cluster of flowers with a bumpy texture, like a sleek and colorful artwork made of velvet. A strong modern and classical atmosphere, noble and warm. The feel is warm and delicate, and the texture of the embossed pattern is very strong.

It is understood that the name of the "Maya" series of Grivor is also quite famous: Maya is the collective name and abbreviation of Maya, Maya and Maya civilization. Mayan Pyramid: The Chichen-Icha Maya City State Site is located in the northern part of the Yucatan Peninsula. It is the largest and most prosperous city-state in the Mayan ancient country. The most amazing thing is the “feathers of the snakes”.

With the assistance of the shopping guide, the appraisers used the small items such as Guan, Touch, Smell, Coat, Fold, Wet, Tear, etc. to fully contact and understand the Maya M30201. Maya M30201 Elegant and simple European style, visually quiet and elegant, people feel not too flowery, very elegant. Close to smell, almost tasteless, compared with the ordinary pvc material wallpaper, the smell is quite comfortable, and it reflects its good environmental performance from the other side.

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