The furniture industry in 2012 is reborn in anxiety

What is the Chinese furniture industry? Everyone needs to make their own judgments: Is the Chinese furniture industry really good? Is the problem in the Chinese furniture industry really normal and inevitable in development? If the answer is "yes", why are you still in the middle of the day?

If the basic orientation is good, not only is the prospect, but the prospect is even brighter. Why do you have no confidence in your future? And if the dealer group generally feels bad, then how is the overall good? Worried, how can the furniture industry, which is full of utilitarian colors, redeem itself after the speed reduction? Can dealers who can't catch the lifebuoy wait for the market to recover?

Challenge from deep water

Whether it is the upstream real estate industry's regulation or the single store's sales volume and profits are diluted, for the business, the "result" is more important than the "process." The squared sales volume and profits have declined, and it has begun to declare that the furniture industry has fallen into a “new downturn” – the GDP of the industry is growing, and the output of the dealers’ square meters is negative, and this A trend is difficult to reverse in a short period of time.

In the dealer's view, the furniture industry has come to the deep water area. The deep water area means that the risk is difficult to control. How to drive safely in the deep water area and achieve the goal requires skillful experience. There are also props that need to deal with internal and external shocks.

All of the above needs are partially unfamiliar or even completely unfamiliar to most furniture dealers. In the shallow water area where you can "cross the river by feeling the stones", even if you are strange, you can cross the river. The worst result is wet feet. However, it is already in the deep water period, and it is unfamiliar, which means it is difficult to estimate the risk. The most obvious feature of coming to the deep water area is that “everything is difficult to control”, and once it is out of control, the consequences are unimaginable.

Because in the increasingly mature industry, opportunities and space have become less and less. In this stage of falling, there is a need to pay for the loss of investment, as well as opportunity cost and time cost.

Among the three food chains in the furniture industry: stores, manufacturers and distributors, the dealers with the risk first attack and the weakest risk resistance.

Dealer's individual worries

If you are a dealer with less than 100,000 yuan in savings, and fight in the first and second-tier markets, according to the industry average data, the average monthly rent of 100 yuan, 250 square meters, only a rent of 25,000 yuan per month. . The annual rent is 300,000 yuan. This does not include property management fees, utilities, and staff. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the sales volume every day. If you are a little unwilling, you will become a "poor egg" and return to the time of "from zero".

If the designer uses the furniture, the furniture person must live happily. The rent accounts for 20% of the total sales volume is the critical line. It is necessary to sell 1.5 million yuan for the whole year to barely have a little happiness. If the rent is 200 yuan per square meter, it must be 3 million yuan for a happy annual sales.

In 2011, how many dealers achieved such results. In 2012, will it be better than 2011, or worse?

There is no doubt that after the investment in the furniture store, there will be only about 100,000 yuan of dealers left. In 2012, you will hang the sword of Damocles that may fall at any time.

If you are a dealer who has already saved about 500,000 yuan, the strength in the dealer team should be medium. If there is only one storefront (for example, the above 250 square meters), you can still "support" for a while. If there are two stores, the situation is different. A little bit of it will hurt the "power", and in this period, you have no extra financial resources to replace the brand and follow up with the new store that takes time to cultivate.

Because, to replace a brand or open a new store, 500,000 yuan will be taken up more than half, leaving less than half, then, with the above savings of less than 100,000 dealers have not much difference.

And if it is three storefronts, in 2012, you will be brave enough to live every day, every day will involuntarily ask, does a store have a bill, does the second store have a bill, three stores?

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