3D printing into the campus to produce rare human bone specimens for teaching

As an important teaching tool, 3D printing technology can vividly display these specimens in front of students by creating and copying rare bone specimens. Researchers at Bourdeaux University have been working hard to develop ancient specimens through 3D printing techniques that allow students to create virtual collections of these specimens. The project is the result of an interdisciplinary collaboration of four different researchers: anthropologist Hélène Coqueugniot, computer science professor Pascal Desbarats, computer engineer Olivier Dutour and Olivier Dutour. They created the ancient specimen virtual collection and integrated these ancient resources.

3D reconstruction of the femur of the shotgun shot in Russia when the French invasion

To add samples to their database, the first step is to use X-rays to 3D scan the bone and internal structures, and then collect the data through image processing software. The image processing software developed specifically for Dutailly will allow separation of various tissues. And create a sufficiently detailed digital model and then transform it into a model that can be printed with high quality 3D. These models can be created in a variety of different scales, allowing students to observe them at zero distance. Hélène said: “We can use this method to give a deeper understanding of past and present populations. In addition, some paleopathology (a study that affects diseases in ancient populations), this method provides quantification of certain infectious diseases. result.

3D printed syphilitic femur section B

We have seen the use of 3D printed models in the medical field, using models to simulate fine surgery. Prepare for veterinary education with the animal skeleton system. In addition, more and more museum scientists are using 3D printing to produce rare specimen models. In short, 3D printing technology will be more widely used in teaching.

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