Six essential moisturizing creams for everyone

Six essential moisturizing creams for everyone
If you want to have a good skin with tenderness and whiteness, you can't do without a good moisturizing cream. The powerful moisturizing effect makes the skin supple and elastic throughout the day.
Everyone must: moisturizing cream
Ke Yan's and Lange's two creams are real star products! The common ingredient is squalane. Squalane is a high-performance hydrocarbon oil obtained by hydrogenation of squalene extracted from the deep sea shark liver. It is also known as deep sea shark liver oil. It is very close to our sebum and helps to balance the skin and sebum directly to form a natural protective barrier.
Kiehl's high moisturizing cream
Product Details
Kiehl's high moisturizing cream, the title of "moisturizing star", contains squalane, cryoprotective protein and Rhizoma Imperatae extract, which can firmly lock the moisture on the surface of the skin and absorb the moisture in the air to the skin. Uninterrupted hydration throughout the day, leaving skin moisturized, smooth and full of elasticity, is Kiehl's best-selling global star product.
Laneige New Water Cooling Cream
Product Details
It contains plant squalane and grass green salt sage extract, which effectively strengthens the skin barrier and improves skin redness. Sensitive skin can also be used to maintain skin moisture for 24 hours.
There are many moisturizing creams on the market, so you can look for some good moisturizing ingredients, such as glycerin, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and so on.
Moisturizing cream recommended:
Dr.Jart+ lock moisturizing (magic water) nutrient cream
Price: RMB290/50ml
Product Details
A magical moisture nutrition cream that strengthens the skin's natural protective barrier and hydrates skin for 26 hours. Can also be used for exfoliation or medical beauty, laser recovery as a sedation. A multi-functional nutrient cream that can be used with confidence in children and sensitive skin. Using bio-synthesis technology and patented patented micro-encapsulation technology, ceramide is more stable and has excellent penetrability. It effectively helps dry, tight and rough skin instantly restore moisture and abundance, and strengthens skin's natural barrier function. Long-lasting moisturizing lock Water for 26 hours. Contains Bifida Ferment Lysate fermentation product lysate to repair skin damage, anti-oxidation, and create a young and healthy skin.
Mary Kay Moisturizing Cream
Price: RMB280/50ml
Product Details
Helps the skin to quickly reach moisture balance and maintain a long-lasting moisturizing effect. The unique oil-locking water formula forms an intensive moisturizing barrier that effectively improves the skin's long-term water shortage. After use, the skin is smooth and moist, showing a healthy and radiant glow.
Innisfree Jeju Island Hanlan to Run Cream
Price: RMB230/50ml
Product Details
Gives skin a strong vitality like Jeju Hanlan, a multi-effect cream with wrinkle improvement + elastic strength + skin quality improvement + nutrient supply + pore care.
Maud Labo's "Hada Labo" moisturizing cream
Price: RMB160/50g
Product Details
Vitamin A · C · E anti-oxidant repair particles, a moment to release the skin needed vitamins, moisturizing and anti-oxidation, repel the fine lines, prevent premature aging; with four hyaluronic acid and high performance to introduce moisturizing technology for the skin layer The layer is hydrating, locking water and storing water, and the skin is softer and more moisturized.

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