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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] When winter comes, many furniture will have moisture, and the wardrobe is no exception. Winter wardrobe dehumidification is awkward, and wardrobe dehumidification is also a maintenance of furniture. Today, China Wardrobe Network will share with you a few good ways to dehumidify the winter wardrobe.

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Hygroscopic box: The most common absorbent products on the market, generally consisting of calcium chloride particles as the main content, most of which also add flavor ingredients, so it integrates functions such as dehumidification, aroma, anti-mildew and deodorization. The moisture absorbing box is mostly used for moisture absorption in wardrobes and shoe cabinets, and is also suitable for being placed in the living room sofa and corner, under the bedroom bed and under the Kitchen Cabinet. Just put it when you use it.

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Dehumidification package: The principle of dehumidification package is similar to that of the moisture absorption box, but the content is mainly charcoal and water-absorbent resin. After absorbing water, it will become frozen and not easy to be broken into pieces. The scope of use is also wider, and it is more suitable for placement in a small space, such as a closed space such as a wardrobe or a shoe cabinet, and a bag of dehumidification bag can be hung to remove moisture. Leather goods, paper collections, cameras, pianos, computers, etc. in the home can be found to help dehumidify. If placed in a confined space, the moisture absorption effect is better. In the closet and shoe cabinet, some rose petals can be placed, which indirectly dehumidify during drying.

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