What are the prices of household air conditioners? Household air conditioner price list

With the improvement of people's living standards, the refrigerator has already become a must-have household appliance, and consumers are most concerned about the price of household air conditioners . What are the prices of household air conditioners ? The following decoration home decoration network Xiaobian will bring you the home air conditioning price list for your reference.


Household air conditioner price list:






1 , Gree air-conditioning price:


Gree KFR-26GW/(26583) FNAa-A3 Series Name: Calm King ¥ 2899


Gree KFR-35GW/(35583)FNAa-A3 Series Name: Calm King ¥ 3399


Gree KFR-26GW/(26570)Aa-3 Series Name: Q Series ¥ 2299


Gree KFR-26GW/(26561) FNAa-3 series name: U Cool ¥ 3899


Gree KFR-35GW/(35595)Aa-3 Series Name: Q Ya ¥ 2799


2 , the United States air conditioning price:


Beautiful KFR-72LW/DY-PA400 (D3) Series Name: Cool Star ¥ 6899


Beautiful KFR-26GW/BP2DN1Y-PA402 (B3) Series Name: Leng Junxing ¥ 3699


Beautiful KFR-26GW/DY-PB400 (D3) Series Name: Cold Comet ¥ 2799


Beautiful KFR-51LW/DY-IF(R3) Series Name: High Energy Star ¥ 4299


Beautiful KFR-32GW/DY-IF(R3) Series Name: Gao Zhixing ¥ 2198


3 , Daikin air conditioner price:


Daikin FVXH372KCK Series Name: H Series ¥ 10800


Daikin FVXB372LC-W Series Name: B Series ¥ 9720


Daikin ATXR336RC-W Series Name: R Series ¥ 4880


Daikin ATXS336RC-W Series Name: S Series ¥ 4299


Daikin FTXL325LC-W5 Series Name: L Series ¥ 4099


4 , Haier air conditioning price:


Haier SKFR-72LW/02WAA22A Series Name: Tianzhu Series ¥ 20000


Haier KFR-72LW/08GAB23A Series Name: Emperor Series ¥ 8599


Haier KFR-35GW/03EBC23AU1 Series Name: Lingyue Series ¥ 2799


Haier KFR-35GW/07NKB22A Series Name: Jinfeng Series ¥ 2899


Haier KFR-35GW/05GJC23A-DS Series Name: Smart Wind Series ¥ 2699


5 , Chigo air conditioning price:


志高 NEW-LV24C1H3 Series Name: C1 Series ¥ 6599


Chigo KFR-72LW/N29+N3 Series Name: Quality Light ¥ 4899


Chigo KFR-51LW/C33+N2 Series Name: Technology Light ¥ 3899


Chigo KFR-51LW/N17+N3 Series Name: Nanhai Pearl ¥ 3399


Chigo KFR-35GW/ABP123+N3A Series Name: I- 酷 享 ¥ 2699






6 , Oaks air conditioner price:


Oaks KFR-35GW / BpVK + 2 Series name: Bonjour Series ¥ 4599


Oaks KFR-35GW / BpVMA + 3 Series name: Bravo series ¥ 3399


Aux KF-35GW/SQB+3 Series Name: SQB Series ¥ 1999


Aux KFR-25GW/KPH+3 Series Name: Golden Light Series ¥ 2199


Aux KFR-32GW/SFT+2 Series Name: Silver Light Series ¥ 2188


7 , Hisense air conditioning price:


Hisense KFR-23GW/EF11A3 (1N16) Series Name: Small Apple Series ¥ 2199


Hisense KFR-72LW/EF86N3z (2N18) Series Name: Apple Pie Q3 Series ¥ 5499


Hisense KFR-72LW/EF86A3z (2N06) Series Name: Apple Pie Q5 Series ¥ 6499


Hisense KFR-72LW/A8K850H-A2 Series Name: Apple Pie A8 Series ¥ 7699


Hisense KFR-50LW/08FZBPH-3 Series Name: Apollo Series ¥ 6399


8 , Mitsubishi Heavy Industries air conditioning price:


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRKAH50H Series Name: Collar AH Series ¥ 5020


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRKQ25D Series Name: Collar ( Q ) Series ¥ 2899


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRKMB35DSAW Series Name: MBS ¥ 3150


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRKQC35DSAG Series Name: QCS ¥ 2999


Mitsubishi Heavy Industries SRKQB25HV Series Name: QBV ¥ 4180


9 , Panasonic air conditioner price:


Panasonic VE27FJ1N Series Name: Zun Platinum Series ¥ 14198


Panasonic JE27DFG1 Series Name: Zunyi Series ¥ 9989


Panasonic XE13KJ1 Series Name: Yihao Series ¥ 6898


Panasonic JE9KJ1 Series Name: Yi Xun Series ¥ 4498


Panasonic SE9KJ1S Series Name: Yi Neng Series ¥ 3398


10 , Galanz air conditioning price:


Galanz KFR-72LW/dLH32-330 Series Name: Fuguibao ¥ 5499


Galanz KFR-26GW/RZdi1E-150 Series Name: Provence Series ¥ 3299


Galanz KFR-35GW/RDVdLD9-150 Series Name: Mengjingfeng Series ¥ 2399


Galanz KFR-26GW/dLP45-130 Series Name: Smart treasure series ¥ 1599


Galanz KFR-23GW/dL71E-150 Series Name: Green Apple Series ¥ 1499


The above is the price of home air conditioners brought to you by Xiaobian ? The whole contents of the household air conditioner price list , I believe that everyone has a basic understanding of the home air conditioning price list after reading this article, if you want to know more about the decoration consultation, please click to enter the decoration knowledge channel !


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