Figure Tour 2015 TCT Show Top 10 3D Prints

From September 30th to October 1st, TCT Show + Personalize was held in Birmingham, UK, with about 200 exhibitors, a large-scale showcase for the 3D printing industry. Below, Xiaobian will take stock of the top ten 3D printed works of the exhibition.

10. BCN 3D Dinosaur Skull

Using Sigma hardware and BCN3D technology, the PLA material is used. Of course, it also goes through a lot of post-processing.

9. ExOne Sand Print

At TCT, both ExOne and voxeljet demonstrated the potential of using sand overlays to make metal casting models and core models. This special 3D printing method stood out at the show.

8. CITIM distributor housing

At TCT, many companies have exhibited metal prints, and the most impressive one is the CITIM distributor housing. This is made using aluminum and SLM technology, which proves that a large and complex engineering component cannot be completed using a dedicated traditional casting or machining technique.

7. Mass Portal motorcycle

On the Mass Portal portal, there are several of their aluminum Pharaoh-class desktop 3D printers that can squeeze very high quality materials. The motorcycle was included in the photo on display, which was assembled from 3D printing accessories and of course requires additional springs, screws and bolts.

6. IPF hand

This 3D printing hand is done by Stratasys using a variety of materials, and Stratasys' Polyjet technology can create many objects.

5.Mcor fruit bowl

The bowl and every fruit of the fruit bowl are printed in 3D, and the quality is absolutely first class.

4. 3D printing local spacecraft

The model was designed by David Lewis and was done using a Connex 3D printer.

3. PLE DeLorean car

The car is modeled after the DeLorean car. In addition to the bulbs and wires, every part of the model is 3D printed, including an SLA windshield, which also utilizes SLS technology.

2. Tri-Tech3D Alien

The model was built using Fortus hardware and ASA materials, which took 160 hours to print and had a very smooth surface.

1. James Bruton's R6 robot

The R6 robot comes from Star Wars. The all-electric, wireless-controlled large robot was designed by James Bruton and its components are made using a desktop-class 3D printer.

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