MM demonstration Korean daily makeup painting

MM demonstration Korean daily makeup painting
MM, whether you are going to work or going out to play, you can use a Korean daily makeup to dress yourself, it will make you full of spirit and temperament, the following small series introduces a Korean daily makeup makeup step!
Makeup steps:
Step 1: In order to make the makeup more docile after washing, MM can apply a mask first, then apply the cream to the face, evenly spread it, and finally use the lard to create a white, translucent and impurity-free face.
Step 2: As shown in the figure, divide the eye shadow into 1, 2, and 3 parts, then apply the 1st eye shadow to the front of the eye socket, then apply the 2nd eye shadow to the 1st eye shadow, which roughly presents a ladder-shaped structure. Eye shadow No. 3 is applied to the lower eyelid.
Step 3: Quilt your eyes, use the eyeliner to start from the corner of the eye to the end of the eye, outline the slightly upturned shape, then use the mascara to hit the "Z" shape, brush out the long eyelashes, and finally apply the crayon lipstick.
Step 4: In order to make the makeup more casual, MM can make a micro-volume effect with a curling iron, and then use the lady clip to pull the hair up, the temperament will be different immediately.

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