Analysis of the minimum mesh point not immersed in the anilox roller network

Now the industry has long stopped saying that the ratio of the number of screen lines to the number of screen lines is 5:1 or 7:1, but directly calculates the minimum dot diameter of the plate to ensure that it is not less than the anilox roll. The opening of the cell is premised on the fact that the minimum dot of the plate is not immersed in the anilox roll cell. If the smallest dot is immersed in the cell, the shoulder will absorb the ink, and the local dot will be printed , and the human eye will have the problem of uneven dot color and uneven printing. After printing for a long time, the ink will accumulate at the relief between the dots, eventually forming a plate jam. The plate making method is different, and the dot size is different.

The small dot adopts the traditional film plate making process, it is not easy to make 1% of the dots, and the 2% dot produced is actually more than 2%; and the CTP plate making process, because it is the dome dot, the actual 1% dot is to be produced. Less than 1%, so it is easier to block the plate than traditional plates. In order to make the minimum dot obtained by the CTP plate making process easy to be "washed", and it is not easy to fall into the cell of the anilox roll, the actual minimum dot diameter on the CTP plate is usually about 20 μm.

Since the mesh wall width and the cell opening ratio of the early anilox roller are mostly around 1:14, and the cell shape is closer to the "V" shape than the current "U" type, the anilox roller is in use. In the first half of the year, it is more wearable, the BCM value drops faster, and the ratio of the wall width to the cell opening ratio becomes 1:12. Even with the increase of the service life, it will reach 1:10. The author actually measured the anilox roller that had been used for 5 years. The width of the wall of the 1 200 thread/inch anilox roller was 1.7 μm; the width of the mesh of the 1000 line/inch anilox roller was about 2 μm; 800 line/inch. The web width of the web is about 3 μm; the web width of the 400 line/inch anilox roll is about 5 μm, and the ratio to the cell opening is about 1:12. It should be noted that the ratio results of each anilox roll manufacturer are not the same. The latest anilox roll mesh wall width and cell opening ratio is about 1:8, so each label printing enterprise needs actual measurement to obtain suitable Your own ratio. The actual minimum number of anilox rolls will be changed from the data provided by the anilox manufacturers. The specific examples are shown in Tables 1 and 2. The ratio of the width of the anilox roll web to the cell opening in Tables 1 and 2 is about 1:12, and the calculation formula used is 25.4 mm × 1000 μm / (mesh diameter + mesh wall width) μm. In the flexographic daily label, 150 lines/inch and 175 lines/inch are commonly used screen lines. Since the small dots on the plate cannot fall into the cells of the anilox roll, it is necessary to avoid 1% or even 2% of the small dots when performing the process arrangement. If there is a net in the printed image, use 2% to 3% of the dot; if there is no high-gloss dot in the printed image, increase the number of plates to 200 lines/inch or even more. High to improve the delicateness of the print. I believe that as long as there is good communication, customers usually respect the opinions of label printing companies. But what if the customer takes the offset or gravure samples to track the samples? If you want to meet the 0 to 100% gradient, the depth of the field, the problem of shallow points, what should I do? This requires product technicians to play an important role in product design.

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