Four stylish wardrobes expand the field of vision to give up a space of one meter

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The modern minimalist trend of the whole wardrobe , but with the retro style of the fashion industry, many people have put a lot of retro elements into the modern closet , which has become one of the popular themes. Visiting the market, we can find that most of the carvings are used, the workmanship is delicate, and the color matching is more exciting. There are four different styles of carved wardrobes below, which represent the different cultures and sentiments of different countries.

Chinese traditional carved wardrobe

Carved wardrobe

This Chinese-style wardrobe has a "Ming and Qing style", the copper lock with the old look, not illusory, not boastful, not more ceremonial, square, natural and decent, tall and beautiful, rigid and soft, is there a kind? The feeling of crossing.

Luxurious and dazzling European wardrobe

Wardrobe shopping guide

European-style wardrobes always carry a touch of luxury and noble, exquisite top pattern and unique arc design, make this wardrobe unique, simple and atmospheric, calm and casual, adding to the overall sweetness and romance.

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