Boss appliances 8305 + 7B13 package is more affordable to buy together

As website staff, we always have to stand in the perspective of netizens to check whether the merchant ’s products are really affordable, and whether they are really worth buying for netizens. Take the boss ’s appliance to participate in Huangba ’s package, we Understand whether it really has the strength of this discount, is it definitely more affordable than other prices, is it the most cost-effective, we have a strict review of the merchants, for the boss ’s 8305 + 7B13 package, we Help netizens make small comparisons, mainly Suning, Yongle, Gome, which are frequent channels for everyone.

Model: Range Hood 8305

Gas stove 7B13

Appearance: The overall appearance is very refreshing and simple. The silver pipe is made of silver stainless steel, which is bright and looks high-end.

Performance explanation: Range hood is the favorite touch screen button of young people today.

The exhaust air volume is 17m3 / min, and the kitchen under 6 square meters in the house is enough. Suction and exhaust instantly, there will be no oil residue.

Experienced students will know that the tile area under the old-fashioned range hood is easy to stick oil, ugly and difficult to wash. The boss's range hood's upgrade of the turbine and technological innovation solved this problem. Put the turbine in the center and the hood After opening, a 360-degree spiral wind will be formed under the smoke chamber. Like a tornado, all the smoke will be sucked away. There will be no oil smoke sticking to the tiles at all. Isn't it particularly magical?

Let's take a look at the gas stove

The new gas stove 7B13 is upgraded to a four-ring fire than the previous three-ring fire of the same series, and it burns more fully.

Price comparison: I asked Suning, Gome and Yongle separately. This package is a special package in these three stores. The price is the same. The price is 4480 yuan. If you do n’t participate in the activities of the mall, the psychological price is still high for us. Some, look back at our gold 8 o'clock file, the exact same package, snapped up 4280 yuan within a limited time, and can also send an electric kettle for the boss's electrical appliance. The advantages are reflected in one moment. I came out today to help netizens to investigate. You can buy at 8 o'clock with more confidence.

A cat activity package, the same series model, price 4490 without gifts, no yellow 8 cost-effective.

** E-shop 315 activity package, original price 5480, activity price 4980 yuan.

After-sales service: Let's ask the warranty and after-sales issues that everyone is also very concerned about. The boss's hood machine is guaranteed for 5 years and the core motor is guaranteed for 10 years. It sounds like a big brand, which makes people feel relieved. In terms of service, it is said that you can come to the site for free security inspection and maintenance within two years, and clean the oil net, do some debugging and testing, so that everyone can use it without worry, knowing that the car needs regular maintenance, the original range hood also provides this service, it is too Intimate.

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