Historical development of European architecture

In the process of building and indoor development in Europe, it is mainly divided into:

Time classification representative work

Yuan before 1200 - Festus 7th century BC temple of the ancient Greek Parthenon-style, European style sea

1st to 3rd century AD Ancient Roman style Ancient Roman Materus Theater, Colosseum, Pantheon

4-6th century AD Byzantine style Hagia Sophia, St. Mark's Basilica, Venice

6-12th century AD Romanesque style Angoulême Cathedral, Speyer Cathedral,

12th to 16th centuries AD Gothic style Cologne Cathedral, St. Denis Church, Amiens Cathedral, France

14th century AD Renaissance style Santa Maria del Fiore, St. Peter's Church, Paris Pantheon

17-17th century AD Baroque style Lafayette Castle, Versailles

Mid-18th century AD Neoclassical style Vilnius Cathedral, Royal Scottish Academy, Madrid's Prado Museum,

18th century AD Rococo style Innocent Palace in Potsdam, Germany, Princess Susie, Paris, Princess of the Palace, Queen's Room in the Palace

The first half of the 19th century ~ the early 20th century Eclectic style Paris Opera, Paris Sacred Heart Church

According to the regional culture, the popular European styles are as follows: Mediterranean style, Nordic style, American style, British style, French classic style.

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