Milk bath to create a whole body whitening

The method of facial whitening is a pursuit, and the method of whole body whitening is a supreme realm. Temperament fashion MM wants more than just "face" kung fu, the whole body is really white. Today Xiaobian introduces two ways to create a whole body whitening.

Milk bath to create a whole body whitening

1, milk bath

Milk is a SPA-based ingredient with excellent skin-reinforcing effect. The protein can help strengthen the skin's moisturizing function and make the skin feel moist. Vitamin A can promote the metabolism of the stratum corneum and cleanse the skin.

There are two ways to milk the milk. One is to bathe the milk into the bath water, so that the whole body skin is immersed in the milky white milk, and fully drink the nutritional essence of the milk. The second is to smear, if there is no bathtub in the home, you can apply fresh milk after washing the body thoroughly, and wash it off in about 10 minutes.

Since milk contains certain fat components, it is possible to determine whether it is necessary to apply body lotion after bathing according to the state of the skin. If it is dry skin, it is recommended to use moisturizing body lotion to lock in moisture after the milk bath. This step can be omitted for oily skin or during hot, humid summers.

Milk bath to create a whole body whitening

2, whitening body membrane

If you want to make a whitening body mask after the milk bath, you can choose a special body film product for care, but there are fewer such products on the market, so try to use body lotion instead of body mask to make whitening SPA. Apply a moisturizing lotion or body cream containing vitamin C and fruit acid to the whole body, and gently massage to promote the skin to absorb nutrients. When the moisture in the product partially evaporates, the skin feels sticky and can be washed. .

If you feel that you are too extravagant with your body lotion or body mask, you can use yogurt instead. Yogurt contains a variety of fungi and lactic acid, which can also gently exfoliate the old dead skin cells. However, it should be noted that after using the yoghurt as a body mask, it must be cleaned to avoid skin inflammation.

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