Thin-legged buttocks yoga stretches, people who are prone to edema in the lower body learn quickly

     Supermodel Wang Liya shares a few yoga stretching exercises , in addition to improving the muscle soreness caused by sitting too long for work, but also helping you to slim your legs and make your body curve more beautiful! 1317.jpg

Have you ever had such a question in your heart: Why is the fitness getting stronger and stronger? ! I really don't want to become King Kong Barbie. What am I doing wrong? Think about it, did you ignore the most important lacing stretch after exercise? Stretching and stretching can help your tight muscles relax, return to the correct position, and restore muscle elasticity, making your lines more slender, and never miss it! 2014102257609901.jpg

Big ass bye bye

This action can be stretched to the muscles of the thigh and ass

Step1 lay on his feet and step on the ground, his right foot is tilted up on the left knee, and the upper body is relaxed and flat.

Step2 raises the left foot, the right hand passes through the middle of the legs, the left hand bypasses the outside of the left calf, and the right hand crosses the left knee.

Step3 Pull the left knee toward the body again, and feel that the muscles of the right foot and the buttocks are pulled apart, and the same time with the breathing stays for 10-15 seconds.

Step4 then release your feet and step on the ground, then change the other foot.

Step5 can do three sets of cycles  


1320.jpg Yoga body stretching

Baby type > cat type > baby type

Step1 four-legged posture  

Step2 The position of the palm is below the shoulder. The knee is facing the pelvis.

Step3, the toes are put down, the body is backward, and the baby is  

Step4 feels that the back section is pulled open and the palm extends forward.

Step5 can be maintained for about two minutes to relax the muscles of the back.

Step6 , get back, go back to the four-legged posture, and step on the toes.  

Step7 The position of the palm is below the shoulder. The knee is facing the pelvis.

Step8 is a cat type. The back is arched. I feel that the spine section is pulled apart.  

Step9 feels like there is a big ball under the stomach.

Step10 Next - the soles of the feet are put down - the head looks forward, the ass goes backwards - and then back to the baby 1321.jpg

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